Injinji toesocks!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to minimise the risk of foot blisters for ultra distance events. During my searching I found the Injinji sock brand; they make toesocks. They cite many benefits on their website (see below), so I thought I would give them a try!

The benefits of Injinji toesocks!

The benefits of Injinji toesocks!

I ordered through one of the most popular ultra running retailers Ultramarathon Running Store, and opted for two different types, 1) Injinji Performance 2.0 RUN, and 2) Injinji Performance 2.0 TRAIL Running, so I would be able to test on road and trail.

Do you like my toesocks?

Do you like my toesocks?

My first experience with the the ‘RUN’ sock was initially not great. I found it a bit thin and noticed a slight rubbing on the outside of my big toe. BUT… this did not happen on the second outing, so perhaps my shoes were too tight. I need more time to know whether I like these any more than a good pair of standard shaped running socks.

Now on to the medium weighted TRAIL sock. I’ve run 50-60Km in these now and I have to say they’re really comfortable. There’s no rubbing, and they feel well cushioned, something which cannot be understated when running with a barefoot (3mm) rubber sole between my foot and a rocky trail. I can tell you one disadvantage with these socks! They need a good yank to get them off your toes after a long wet day in the mountains! For now the TRAIL socks are my preferred choice.

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