Slippers off, runners on!

PROGRESS… FINALLY! After 10 days I think I may have shaken off a pesky strain in my right calf!

After what has felt like far too long resting, stretching, icing and foam rolling, it was finally time to get out there and see if the injury has cleared up. The plan for this week was a few short zone 2 aerobic runs. Nothing hilly, just plain old boring flat road running.


Slippers off, runners on!

The first run was planned to be 60 minutes, but after 40, I felt a dull ache in the exact same place I pulled the muscle. I swiftly cut the run short and plodded gently home in 46 minutes. The total elevation gain was 130 meters, which is as flat as I can find around my house. I’ll need to stretch and roll this muscle for another few days! Continue reading